Self-service Infrastructure Catalog

Allow other teams to launch pre-defined AWS environments in minutes from a centralized source of truth. 

Promote engineering autonomy, enable agility, increase team productivity, and maintain governance and control.

Reduce friction between DevOps and R&D

Reduce Infrastructure costs

Increase team efficiency

Save precious DevOps time

Enable agility without sacrificing control

ControlMonkey enables other teams (Dev/QA/Sales) to easily provision AWS resources under your own rules. 

Share templates and blue-prints with different teams and let them provision infrastructure without the need to know Terraform in a simple and convenient way.

You control the templates, you control the permissions, you control the variables, you control your time.


Save on infra costs by setting a clear TTL for each environment

With ControlMonkey, you are able to set a pre-defined TTL (Time to live) for any environment created. 

Control the costs of ephemeral development, testing and staging environments. 

Avoid surprising charges in your AWS bill at the end of the month. 

Free your DevOps team from replying to tickets from other teams

With Self-service provisioning, your team doesn’t need to handle Jira tickets requesting them to spin up new infrastructure. 

Accelerate development and testing by eliminating the need to handle complex and queued service requests for provisioning infrastructure. 

Free your DevOps team to handle more strategic tasks.

Single dashboard to provision infrastructure

Not all team members share the same skills with various elements in Terraform, leading to an unproductive process, and to an unnecessary time waste.

Provide your team with a self-service user interface so they can leverage the power of Terraform easily.

See it in action

In this video, ControlMonkey demonstrates its ‘Self-service’ dashboard which enables other teams to spin up infrastructure on their own. 

Watch how DevOps teams can dramatically reduce the amount of service tickets they are handling. 

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