One-to-one mapping between infrastructure resources and Terraform code.

ControlMonkey’s resource explorer is a simplified dashboard that is part of our Terraform Insights product. It helps DevOps teams discover and easily investigate all of their cloud resources and the corresponding Terraform code in their Git repo.

Until now, Our Resource Explorer has supported only AWS & Azure Terraform Providers, but today, we are happy to announce that it supports ALL Terraform Providers.

The Terraform Provider view serves as your Terraform knowledge base, providing your team with an easy way to locate Terraform code across your Git repositories regardless of specific team member seniority or tenure within the organization.

It provides a one-click link for each cloud resource that opens the corresponding line of code in your GIT repository.

Imagine a scenario where a new engineer joins the team and needs to modify an Azure Vnet or GCP SQL Database. They need to understand where the resource is located in the Terraform code.
What would be the best way to locate that resource in a large environment with thousands of lines of code?

Not manually, that’s for sure.

So, if you need a clear mapping between your resource infrastructure provider (Datadog, Azure, Okta, or GCP, etc) and the exact location in your Terraform code, you can do it seamlessly with ControlMonkey.

It doesn’t matter which Terraform Provider you are using, ControlMonkey provides a clear one-to-one mapping between your infrastructure resources and the Terraform code.

Don’t let your team waste time searching for needles in a haystack.

Book a 30-minute Intro Call with our experts and learn how ControlMonkey changes the Terraform Automation game.

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