Import WAFV2 to Terraform

Today ControlMonkey is pleased to announce that we have reinforced our Terraform Import Engine with the ability to Import WAFV2 resources to Terraform.

AWS WAF is a web application firewall that lets you monitor the HTTP and HTTPS requests that are forwarded to various AWS services and also lets you control access to your content.

Managing WAFV2 in a manual ClickOps methodology and not through Terraform Code increases the risk of misconfigurations which may lead to security incidents.

With ControlMonkey, DevOps can easily import and manage their WAFV2:


Manage your WAF with Terraform and benefit from:

  1. Modular Deployment: Terraform allows for the creation and management of AWS WAF configurations in a modular and reproducible manner, making it easier to deploy and manage security policies across different projects.
  2. Code Reusability: Using Terraform, you can define WAF configurations as code, making it possible to reuse these configurations in multiple projects. This is particularly useful when dealing with both global and regional WAF instances, allowing for efficient code reuse and consistency.
  3. Improved Visibility and Monitoring: Terraform enables the definition of CloudWatch metrics and sampled requests for better visibility into web traffic inspection. This allows for improved monitoring and analysis of the effectiveness of WAF rules.
  4. Flexibility in Scope Definition: Terraform provides flexibility in defining the scope of WAF configurations, such as specifying whether it is for CloudFront (global) or regional resources (e.g., API Gateway). This flexibility ensures that WAF configurations align with the specific needs and architecture of different services.

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