EKS Import to Terraform in One-click

ControlMonkey is adding a new feature for its import to Terraform solution that will make managing AWS EKS clusters a whole lot easier. With just one click, ControlMonkey users can now import their existing running EKS clusters to Terraform, without the need to reprovision the clusters.

For those unfamiliar with EKS, it is Amazon’s managed Kubernetes service that simplifies the deployment, management, and scaling of containerized applications using Kubernetes. The EKS service is composed of multiple resources like EKS clusters, EKS node groups, EKS Fargate profiles, EKS add-ons, and more.

Since its introduction in 2018, there have been a lot of EKS clusters out there that were set up manually or with scripts. ControlMonkey has received several requests from its users asking to import their existing running EKS clusters to Terraform, without having to reprovision the clusters since they are already running production workloads.

Fortunately, ControlMonkey not only supports Terraform code generation but also enables seamless import of the running resources to Terraform with a pre-generated validated Terraform state file. This feature makes managing EKS clusters a breeze, as it eliminates the need for manual intervention and reduces the risk of errors.

With ControlMonkey’s new feature, users can now import EKS resources like AWS EKS Cluster(aws_eks_cluster), AWS EKS Node Group(aws_eks_nodegroup), AWS EKS Farget Profile(aws_eks_fargate_profile) and more in just one click. This makes it incredibly easy to manage and maintain their EKS clusters in a more streamlined and efficient manner.

The new capability adds to ControlMonkey’s existing Terraform import capability for ECS clusters, helping containerized workloads on AWS to be managed with Terraform, regardless of the orchestrator

In conclusion, with just one click, users can now import their existing running EKS clusters to Terraform, without the need to reprovision them, making it easier to manage and maintain their resources. This is a great step forward for the DevOps community and will help companies manage their EKS clusters more efficiently and with less manual intervention. If you are looking for a solution to help manage your EKS clusters in Terraform, look no further than ControlMonkey’s import to Terraform solution.

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