Attribute-Based Access Control with ControlMonkey Single Sign-On

As part of our Enterprise-ready support and in response to our customers’ growing needs, we are happy to announce the recent enhancement to our permission management, which now supports Attribute-Based Access Control(ABAC) using ControlMonkey SSO.

Companies that are leveraging IDPs (Identity Providers) such as Okta, Azure AD, or OneLogin can now grant their users access to the ControlMonkey platform based on the corresponding group they belong to in the IDP.
So if, for example, you manage multiple teams (Dev, QA, Security, SRE) permissions on Okta, you can map a ControlMonkey Access Role and Tenant to the relevant Okta user group in just a few clicks.

Granting access to ControlMonkey with SSO simplifies the onboarding process, adds permission granularity, maintains your security posture, and helps prevent misconfigurations by fully governing each user’s actions.
Creating permissions based on matching attributes instead of functional roles helps reduce the number of distinct permissions and roles you must create and manage in your ControlMonkey environment.

You get centralized account access management for Single Sign-On and ABAC, with the flexibility to use any external identity provider as your identity source.

This supports large organizations with multiple teams that require different permissions for ControlMonkey tenants or certain platform actions.

SSO ABAC support makes enterprise life way easier when it comes to managing permissions in ControlMonkey.

ControlMonkey is the most comprehensive Terraform Automation Platform for enterprise companies.
It offers all the necessary solutions to manage and govern your cloud seamlessly with Terraform.

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